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Cut and Sew Mill

When it comes to custom work with PVC coated fabrics it doesn't get any better than right here at our Manufacturing facilities, the biggest one in North America. Our streamline operation system allow us to manufacture a wide variety of products according to the market needs.

Coating Mill

For over 45 years, Megaplast has been dedicated to the fabrication and manufacturing of PVC coated fabrics for a great diversity of markets.

Custom Made Solutions

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Water reservoirs

Made from our strongest materials with completely customizable designs and as big as needed to meet your specific project, being water storage, crop irrigation, clean energy and other applications.
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Fumigation tarps

With two options of our closed weave lightweight material for you to choose from, guaranteed to assure the security of the process at hand and a variety of colors for a customized match to your company's image.
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Air chutes

Designed to keep uniform temperatures for specific products throughout a trailer. We can manufacture any different kind of tubes and adapters for your specific machine model and to work with your load requirements.
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Custom truck tarps

You can choose to buy from our stock of standard models or quote a specific design for your transportation line including: customized lumber, steel covers, smoke covers, coil and rollover tarps.
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Finishing Details and Reinforcements

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