Terms and Conditions

A. Returns and Cancellations Policy

The following policy applies to all items purchased from Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc.

1. In the event that a product has been requested and you wish to cancel your order, you will have a period of 48 hours for a full refund, once that time frame has expired the product can no longer be canceled.

2. Any item which is not a special order and which has been requested in your order mistakenly by the customer, is eligible for material return. The material must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc. must be notified immediately at salesteam@plasticfabrics.com and photographic evidence must be sent within a period no longer than 10 days after reception, the return will be for a full credit of the purchase, minus shipping.

3. Additional products non eligible for return, nor refundable at any time

  • Special orders.
  • Custom tarps and / or curtains.
  • Made-to-order items.
  • Orders of articles of different personalized measurements.
  • Clearance items.

4. If you receive an incorrect item due to an error made by Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc. please send a photo with a brief description of the incorrect item to salesteam@plasticfabrics.com, along with your invoice number or tracking number, name, address and your telephone number so we may contact you.

5. If at the time of delivery you receive a damaged or open item, inform the driver of it and note it down in your receipt comments area, briefly describe the specific damage before signing your delivery receipt and notify us within a period no longer than 10 days after the delivery date, do not open it, take a photo of the damaged product and send it to salesteam@plasticfabrics.com along with a photograph and a description of the problem encountered, along with your invoice number or tracking number, name, address and your phone number so we may contact you.

6. In the event that the delivered product is not the requested one, you must notify Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc. salesteam@plasticfabrics.com for its collection and to follow up on your order.

7. Any returned product to Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc. without prior authorization will be considered an unauthorized return; therefore, a refund or credit for the product will not be made and Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc. will not replace the product. 

8. All approved returns must be received by Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc. within 10 calendar days of the return approval date. Otherwise, the refund or credit amount may be reduced or canceled if the products are returned late.

9. If there has been a mistake in your shipment made by Plastic Fabric Solutions, such as:

  1. Error in requested measure
  2. Error in requested color
  3. Missing or excess of accessories
  4. Missing delivered parts

You must notify it to no later than 10 days after receiving the part, to salesteam@plasticfabrics.com along with a photograph, your invoice number or tracking number; the material must be unused and undamaged to guarantee replacement by Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc. and we will collect the product.

10. Shipping costs will not be refundable at any time due to situations beyond Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc.

11. Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc., considers the date of reception as the date it was received by the courier, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES AFTER 10 DAYS FROM THE DELIVERY DATE, SO IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED YOU REVIEW YOUR ORDER AT TIME OF RECEPTION and notify us of any situation immediately.


B. Warranty Policy

1. If you consider that there is a defect in the purchased product and you wish to make a claim under this warranty, send an email to salesteam@plasticfabrics.com so that it can be formally directed to the Quality area.

2. Products have a 1-year warranty starting from the date of the package reception, so in case of wear, damage, due to causes derived from the design of the material, the customer must provide the QR code of the product for the warranty claim, at the same time photographs of the defect must be provided, if required, the damaged part may be requested for its evaluation and issuance of an opinion.

3. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage caused during installation or improper handling by the customer, tears or wind damage due to poorly tied tarps, or any damage inflicted while attempting to attach or remove tarps.

4. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use. Stretching the tarp or over tightening the tarp can damage the product and cause its detriment, which will in return invalidate the warranty.

 5. The warranty does not cover damage caused by natural disasters such as: hurricanes, storms, snow or fires.

6. Plastic Fabric Solutions Inc. is unaware of the customer’s needs, storage conditions or installation of the product, by such reasons we will not be held accountable for any damage caused by handling, installation or misuse that affects the performance or technical capabilities of the product; different from its natural wear, therefore the product will not be replaced, nor will payment of the damaged parts be reimbursed.

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