About our tarps, curtains and custom-made products:

a. Finished Size: Example for 8’ Drop Lumber Tarp 24’6”x27’x8’6”Measuring 24’6” from the bottom of the box over and to the bottom on the other side, 27’ from the front of the box all the way to the back and 8’6” for the flap to cover a maximum load height.
b. D- Rings: High durability 1 1/8” zinc pleated at different heights as stated on our specific brochures for our different tarp models, placed every 24” unless requested otherwise.
c. Grommets: 3 spur stainless steel grommets placed every 24” unless requested otherwise.

Yes, we can personalize your tarps through screen printing, available for special orders only, one color ink which with an extra charge. Currently this feature only applies to truck tarps.

Manufacturing time is 21 days on average plus shipping time.

No, it doesn’t have a noise reduction component.

Yes we do, refer to the custom made solutions area to learn about our different applications or fill out our contact form with your project details for more information.

Download our user manual to get the best advice to take care of your tarp.

We offer personalized advice if you have a specific project at hand. Please note that our mill is designed to supply for larger product stocks, if needed we can supply information on our authorized dealers to cover your needs.

For volume discount negotiations or wholesale prices please contact us, via our contact form, chat, toll free (866) 973-7185 or email

About our roll goods:

If you are a manufacturer and want to get to know our products you can request a sample, send us your contact information through our online contact form and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you.

About our service:

We can ship internationally; shipping fees may vary depending on your location and will be charged to your purchase total.

For our stock products online you can use PayPal, or any debit or credit card. For special projects you can pay by direct deposit or transfer and by check (our sales agent will provide details at the time of transaction).

Our Warehouse is located at 20W Cole Blvd WHS 4, Calexico, CA 92231 United States

It includes applied taxes depending on your location (country, city, state) and shipping cost

In case a product is out of stock, it takes up to 2 weeks to restock. For special projects standard production time is up to 20 days.  

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality and service, refer to our terms and conditions as well as our warranty coverage (Terms and Conditions) for more information. If you´re still unable to resolve your inquiries please feel free to contact our customer service center via our contact form, chat, toll free (866) 973-7185 or email

If you still haven’t received your order according to the estimated delivery date, we ask you to verify your guide number with UPS or the parcel company with whom we made the shipment, in case they do not give you a solution, we can gladly support you verifying what happened.

We provide personalized attention through our chat from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Pacific time.

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